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The Power of Saying “No”

5 Signs of Highly Intelligent People

Quick Success & Sense of Urgency

1 Thing to learn from Bhuj: The Pride of India – “Sense of Urgency”

5 Benefits of Relationship during Studies

3 Things to Consider “Before You Quit”

When to Give Up or Keep Fighting

Is Success without Passion possible?

Dirty Truths of Motivation

5 Life Skills of Milkha Singh

Who is Your Success Partner?

Do this for Consistency

An Open Secret : Consistency

Achieve Big Goals through Small Steps

Get Effortless Focus in Anything

Dopamine & How does it impact brain

A Tale of 2 Personalities : War between Brain and Heart

Temptations and Attractions are good

You Only Need One Thing

About Arpit Srivastava

Arpit Srivastava is a Civil Servant having experience of a decade. He has excelled in academics and professional journeys. He was Gold Medalist in Engineering and secured AIR 7 in GATE 2014, and AIR 37 in the UPSC Engineering Services Examination.

He loves to read, learn and experiment a lot to find answers of multidimentional questions. 

As host of Rational Chidiya Podcast, Arpit strives to lighten more candles of awareness.

Through this podcast, He is  making an honest attempt in the field of his core strengths.

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