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Who is Your Success Partner?

Friends are our life, But there are some who push us to greater heights. Let’s learn to have friends needed for success

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Many People believe that this world is full of selfish people. Nobody cares for other peoples. Are there any true friends

How relevant are success partners and friends in your success?

Jack Ma gives credit to his 17 Friends who turned his business partners. Read here Yes, there are few friends who have a significant role in our success. They are success partners for Jack Ma They eventually become our accountability partner. Such accountable partners increase our possibility of being consistent with our aims. We start taking our goals seriously

In Last episode we discussed, role of accountabilty partner to achieve consistency. Such friends in form of accountability partners become our travelmate in journey of our goals. They are people whom we share small-small success. We share our challenges often. We share our fear too. Whenever we feel down, they are always ready to offer a significant amount of encouragement

Listen or Read about role of accountability partner here – Do this for consistency

Role of Friends as success partner

Our Life is a function of our decisions. Every small decision like our next meal and big decisions like the selection of graduation college make our tomorrow. Our choice depends not only on our internal beliefs but our external environment and happenings

Our external environment is made up of the community around us. our friends are one of the main components of our surrounding community. They influence our decision making to a large extent

How to select a friend as a success partner?

Before reading further think about your goal, so that you can relate to things better and understand the main idea behind it

Rather than giving ideas and theory, I would prefer to explain by my personal example. I was trying to lose weight for a long time. I tried everything available in the market, But Lack of consistency has spoiled my all efforts.

Then I thought to have one friend as an accountability partner. I found one obese kid in my relationship as an accountability partner. He was also having the same issue, his weight also increased significantly over a short period of time.

Tip 1- Seek a friend who has a similar goal as you

I used to share daily progress with him. I used to listen to his silly things also. Even how much digested food we both have flushed in the morning, which we used to verify in weight measurement.

Tip 2- A friend with a scope of open communication

I used to call him often, at odd hours. We used to talk for hours in the same day, that too at odd hours sometimes. Because when we make even small progress, we feel like to share everything of us with someone. so we need a person to listen to us.

Tip 3- A friend who is available for you

There are times, we have setbacks and low motivation. He should be positive always, Otherwise the Strategy of having a success partner may turn counter-productive. So Person with positive thinking is a must

Tip 4- A friend with positive thinking

And most significant and last thing, That person should be very important to you. there should be some consequence involved in it. This person should be at a level of relationship, where you care about it. Because This consequence enforces accountability on us and makes us more stick to our goal. For me, If I fail to lose weight, what example will I set for him ? and he will also falsely believe that weight loss is not possible. so for me, My respect and My intention to set an example for him was a consequence

Tip 5- A friend who is really important for you

So, I suggest having one friend as a success partner for each goal. One tip is that try to have different partners for each goals. It will not overburden an individual. We can seek such success partners not only in the form of friends but inform of mother, father, girlfriend, or somebody else to make us accountable for our actions

So what is your goal? who is going to be your accountable partner for it? let me know in the comment

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