I consider myself a very rational thinker & critical of everything. In quest to quench my thirst for rationality, I intend to read, learn and experiment a lot to find answers of multidimentional questions. For me, Best part of learing is to share what I know. A candle brings more light in its surroundings if it keeps on lightning other candles.

As a chidiya, through these podcasts I wish to lighten more candles and serve my awareness & learnings

A healthy body, rational mind and a pinch of spirituality is perfect receipe of prosperity and well being.

Through this podcasts, I am making an honest attempt in field of my core strengths

Study Hacks & Academic Excellence 

My Academic trajectory exponentially improved after class 10th, not because, Jaadu kept his hand on my head while sleeping…haha. It was awareness of few skills and constant utilisation of them helped me to gain academic heights. My Success in various national prestegious comptetive exams is testomany of it. I shared such skills  with friends, relatives & next gen aspirants. They were widely acknowledged and proved working. I intend to share such things through this podcast.

Fitness & Physical Health

Health is not valued till sickness comes. We often take our body as granted. Same happened with me. In quest of academic success & prosperity, I kept on ignoring my body signals untill I touched 99.5kg on weighing scale, which were corelated with early signs metabolics syndrome clinically. 

I decided to keep all plans on pause mode and reinvent my body.I lost 10 kgs in 2.5 months. I read a lot about nutrition, fasting, excercises and mental readiness to inculcate in our lives. Through this podcast, I intend to share my journey of getting back into shape.

Self Help & Mental Health

If ourbody is like  a smartphone and Our Mind is like a processor, then Our beliefs and thoughts must be software programs & instruction sets. Quality and Optimisation of such programs make us fulfiing and succesful. I am a avid reader of self help books. I feel restless if I fail to update my programs(beliefs & thoughts) regularly. I have read over 50+ books. I tend to integrate such learnings within myself and with lovely listeners through this podcast.

Spirituality & Self- Awarenss

Everything all of us do intend to make us feel good inwards. Thats where spirituality starts. I am very fond of Bhagwat Geeta teachings as they are directly linked to our lives. 

आत्मैव ह्यात्मनो बन्धुरात्मैव रिपुरात्मन: (Ch 6, Verse 5)

The mind can be the friend and also the enemy of the self.

One of my favourite lines, Its our mind which can make us or break us. We need to be master of this peculiar organ. I intend to share such universal spiritual learnings through this podcast which would offourse transcend sex, caste, religion and culture

Why Anonymity ??

Enough of self boasting….??  Hummm…

I might be critised for lack of credentials for my claims.

Well, I am doing this for my well being and a strong desire to share. I believe that content is a  master and surpass all the claims. Podcasts unlike youtube are very content driven. In a podcaste, There is nothing except depth of knowledge and voice unlike coloury effects, animations and eye catchy pictures of a youtube Vlog.

further, its time efficient for both creators & listeners. Lovely Listeners can utilise their traffic time, bed time, cooking time, work out time by consuming some content loaded podcast.

As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” 

Thus, Praise the thoughts & Ideas, not individuals !!