5 Signs of Highly Intelligent People

5 Signs of Highly Intelligent People

If you can find these 5 Qualities in any person, You have found a very intelligent person. What are these 5 Qualities

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Everyone desires that they are considered intelligent in society. Some people have such wishful thinking that everybody surrounding them is intelligent. How can we indentify such people? What are some visible traits of such people?

One of such ways to determine the intelligence of a person is by IQ test. The score that you get in the test would tell your intelligence objectively

However, with researches over a period of time, it has been shown that such tests do not really tell the real story. It has been observed that such tests are ineffective to determine a person’s intelligence. It often ignores emotional intelligence aspect.

In this article, we will be talking about 5 signs of Highly Intelligent People. If you look at these signs in a person, you will be able to determine if they are really intelligent or not.

A curious mind

Intelligent People tend to have a lot of curiosity. They keenly observe at everything around them. They always curious to know more. They have a lot of questions and queries regarding the world.

This is because they like to stay informed and gather information. And it is not like that they just cram the information in their heads. They tend to logically associate things. For example, when someone says or does something, they tend to look into the reasons behind it. If someone asks these kinds of questions when you are talking to them, it is probable that they are among intelligent people.

Emotion management

Daniel Goleman in his book on Emotional intelligence states that Success is a function more of having EQ than IQ. EQ means Emotional Quotient which is really important for a person to have in life. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand one’s emotions and manage them

For example, When People are angry, they tend to say or do a lot of stuff they should not. On the contrary, a person who has high emotion management skills will act differently. An emotionally intelligent person is self-aware of their emotions and acts accordingly. So, if you are talking to someone and they are able to explain how they are feeling, what are their present emotions. it is a sign of a highly intelligent person.

Better goal management

Intelligent People know to break a task into smaller components. By doing this, any task seems to look more manageable and less daunting. This leads to an increase in the confidence of a person and helps in achieving the goals. If you ask such a person how to go about solving a problem, then they will approach it differently. Intelligent person will try to break it down into steps and plan to reach the goal step by step. So, if you have such a person around then You should reach out to them to get your problems solved.


Creativity is also a characteristic of an intelligent person. People who are creative tend to make the best use of the resources they have. They are able to use the resources around them in a really unique manner.

For example, once I had gone to eat ice cream with friends. While we were eating the ice cream, we did not have a spoon to eat ice cream from the cup. All others used their fingers to eat it but one of the friends had a different way to tackle the problem. He tore the wrapper from the top of ice cream cup and folded it to make a spoon. Now, this is a sign of creativity here. The friend looked at the situation in a different manner and used the resources available to him in a unique manner. So, if there is someone around you who shows this kind of creativity once in a while, then it is a sign of a his true intelligence


It is one of the traits of a highly intelligent person to be self-aware of their weaknesses and strong points. They neither feel too proud of their abilities nor they are sad over what they cannot do. When people are well aware of their abilities, they are able to take better decisions in life. So if you know a person who is self-aware like that, then that is a sign of a person with high intelligence.

So, these were the 5 signs that you can observe in any highly intelligent person. One should try to inculcate these qualities in their lives to be successful and happy. What are other signs? let us know in the comment section.

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