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Get Effortless Focus in Anything

Tips to get effortless focus & concentration to immerse in any task. Overcome Boredom, Anxiety, Worry, achieve flow.

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Show Notes / Summary

We all had observed that In Few Tasks, hours pass by in minutes and other tasks’ minutes can stretch out to seem like hours.  What makes us to feel so? It is all game of focus and our involvement in the task

Such situation of Flow and Optimal Experience can be observed in any walk of Life.

Painter while making a painting – Experience illustration

Playing Games at different stages of life

Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience

This episode is all about implementation of learning from this awesome book. Remember this is not a promotion

Personal Experience of Studying with focus easily in Public Places

A few years ago, My father was diagnosed with last-stage cancer. Doctor prescribed multiple dosages of chemotherapy. This treatment was to be performed in super speciality hospital, which was appx 500 km away from my residential area. This treatment was supposed to be provided at a cycle of 7 days and 14 days in a sequential way. It required a to and fro journey from one city to other city.

This was the same time I was preparing for highly competitive exams, having chances of selection less than 0.01%. I had to manage my studies along with his medical treatment. For a single chemo dose, I have to leave one day early, reach other place. A single dose chemo required day care medical attention, further an additional day for observation for any complications. Then travel back to residential city.

So I decided to study while in train, Cab, Hospitals, Cafes and Hotel rooms. Literally It was very difficult to study in public places. Concept retention was very poor. I had to struggle to read a paragraph multiple times to get an idea of it. Slowly I got to maintain focus in public places by following logic.

Match Challenge with Skill to improve focus

To achieve the stage of effortless focus we need to match challenges and demands posed by tasks to skills we currently possess. In case of mismatch, Multiple emotions take place

Boredome- If Task in hand is less challenging to our skills. We will lose interest and boredome is bound to occur, Example A adult playing with toys of kids

Anxiety– If the above scenario is reversed, Our skills fall short of the challenge in hand. And If Task is necessary for us. We will be worried and concerned. We would not be able to focus because of worry and fear

State of Effortless Focus or Flow – When our skill set coincides with challenge in hand, we tend to achieve state of optimal experience. this task does not require concious efforts to be focussed. We generally observe following changes


Advantage of Effortless Focus or Flow

  • We tend to withdraw our consciousness from surrounding and external environment
  • We find ourselves Immersed in our job, we enjoy it to fullest.
  • Chances Of completion of such tasks increases manyfolds, quality of delivery improves
  • Such competencies are must+ where we have to compete people in any field.
  • Due to effortness involvement and improved focus , We temporarily forget unpleasent Instances of Life, dipression and other distractions at large.

How did i improve my focus and concentration at public places ?. How did i caliberated my skills and challenges to match them? Stay Tuned for Next Episode

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