To Quit or Try Harder

When to Give Up or Keep Fighting

Never Quit can be a bad advice, How to decide When to give up or keep fighting.

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Nobody tells us When to give up on our dream as People keep on saying that Champians never quit. Never Quit and Keep Fighting is the most common advice given to anyone. This can be misleading. There are several motivating videos on the internet about perseverance and determination. The majority of them appear to emphasize the importance of never giving up.

You’ve probably heard the expressions “Winners never quit” and “Quitters never win” all over the internet. Giving up is regarded as extremely dishonorable, and that champions never submit. A person should know to quit the right thing at right time. What are situations where never give up is a bad advice

Is it, however, always a smart strategy? If you are thinking to quit anything and worried that is it okay to quit. Find answers to difficult questions

In some cases, can give up be considered a smart strategy? In what circumstances should we surrender and accept defeat? what is the right time to quit a job? when to quit on someone and move on in a relationship ? when is it wise to quit a dream where progress seems difficult

Listen to this episode to get out of the classical dilemma of Quitting or Keep Fighting. Else you can watch this episode on youtube – When to Give Up or Keep Fighting

Starbucks quit selling music CDs

You’ve probably heard of the worldwide coffee chain Starbucks. In most areas of the world, you can find a Starbucks in every other shopping mall, food court, and so on. Do you remember when they used to offer music CDs with coffee?

They sold so many music CDs that they established a music company called ‘Hear Music.’ However, they abruptly discontinued selling CDs in 2014. In 2006, the firm sold 3.2 million CDs and earned around $65 million in sales.

Some may be perplexed as to why such a lucrative business would be shut down. However, the decision was made after taking into account the introduction of the internet.

The firm was aware that several streaming services and websites had emerged. People preferred to listen to music on the internet rather than on CDs. As a result, revenue was on a decreasing trend for several years. Revenue was on a decreasing trend for several years.  Starbucks chose to discontinue its CD business.

The traditional mindset would have urged the company to never quit. In such instances, the company could have boosted its marketing efforts, hired new vocalists, or released new CD formats. However, they did not pursue any of these things and instead discontinued selling CDs. “When to give up” was very clear to them

When is quitting a wise decision?

In our own life, we occasionally find ourselves in similar situations. Some people are dealing with personal issues, while others are dealing with business or career issues at times

Even after adversity and no hope, some people remain in relationships and businesses because of emotional attachment.

Concept of Sunk Cost Fallacy

A principle from economics helps explain why the phrase “never quit” is terrible advice. Sunk cost fallacy argues that after a person has invested time, money, and effort into something, he is more likely to remain with it. A person develops an emotional attachment to something.

They become unconcerned about the future difficulties and losses that they may face in the future. The individual focuses and remains concerned with the investment he has made in that particular thing.

There are now hundreds of motivational videos and blog entries available online. A lot of those videos appear to advocate not quitting as the ideal life practice. We are not implying that all of those people are stupid. But bear in mind that no advice in this world is definitive, and everything has two sides to it.

When to Give UP : Story of 2 IPS Officers

Shashank Jaiswal had an MBA and used to work for a well-known multinational corporation. In one of the interviews, he said that the income was substantial and that the position also provided additional benefits. He did, however, decide to resign from his position. The reason for this was because he was unsatisfied with his work. He decided to take the UPSC exam and was appointed as an IPS.

On the other hand, Rajan Singh, the chief of police of Kerala’s capital, took a reverse decision.. He used to be an IPS officer, but he resigned. In one of the interviews, he expresses that his job as a policeman was becoming monotonous and that he desired a change. He chose to continue his education and got an MBA from Wharton, USA

If you can relate that no choice can be claimed to be correct or incorrect. It all depends on individual preferences. “When to Give Up” is a more personal kind of decision. As It should match with our values

It is determined by our internal surroundings as well as our external situations. It is what determines if something is wrong or right for a person to do. In comparison to what society says, this is more significant.

Don’t be Guilty of Quitting

Sometimes in life, we have to make difficult decisions. One should never be afraid to make such important decisions. If a relationship becomes poisonous, you should leave your partner. If a business fails, move on to a better opportunity. If you are unable to pursue anything academically, pick a new path.

In these circumstances, one should not listen to what others say about leaving or following a goal. One should be prepared to make difficult decisions in life based on their personal life and circumstances.

What are things to consider before quitting?

If you want to know some parameters which can help you make a decision about quitting. You should listen to this part -2 3 Things to Consider “Before You Quit”. This episode will help you to understand the myth about quitting more logically.

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