Temptations & Instincts

Temptations and Attractions are good

Though they deviate from goal, Temptations are not as bad as we think. They are the core of our survival mecahnism. Dive deep into the science of temptations

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Show Notes / Summary

In an earlier episode, click to listen we discussed Marshmallow theory which signifies the role of delayed gratifications and Instinct and the ability to control temptations. More Self Control we keep, better marks, better health, better relationships & lesser stress we get. Then why the hell did god install temptations in our consciousness programming. Temptations are needed at all ?? Really. Are they not true villains of our life

Lets’s think about our common temptations

  • Ice cream, Pizza cravings while we are trying to get into shape
  • The temptation to play a short game or open facebook while we have an exam the next day morning
  • Temptation of sleeping a bit more, while an exercise is already scheduled
  • Temptation and attraction towards opposite sex while being in a healthy relationship

Still Temptations are good?

Yeah! These are good, The driving force behind all living entities is the Darwinian theory of natural selection. Natural selection causes populations to become adapted, or increasingly well-suited, to their environments over time. Natural selection depends on the surrounding environment 

Keeping this in the mind, Homo sapiens started their migration 300000 yrs ago from Africa. if we calculate our civilized history, It’s not more than 5000 yr Indus valley or Harrapan Civilisation Mathematically, We are civilized for less than 2% of the time since we originated. We, like an animal, had temptations which helped in our daily survival. There was the certainty of food.

A person having greed and selfish nature for food had better chances of survival. Thus nature has coded many human instincts and temptations genetically. Many instincts like an urge to regenerate, tribal loyalty, Revenge are hardwired into the human brain. In the caveman era, Immididiate short-term gains were more valuable and useful. There was no need for long term planning

Now Society has evolved and the environment has changed, situations have changed. But Instincts are the same, they keep on working. The application of Instincts is no longer needed as we did as a caveman. There is no longer food scarcity and uncertainty which can threaten our survival.

Marketers are using our temptations & instincts to sell their products

some common instincts like lust, Greed, Love, Companionships are being conditionally linked to their products to entice us. Lust is associated with Deodrants & perfumes. Off-Season sale & 1 on 1 free invokes our instinct of Greed. Pizzas marketers invoke the instinct of family and love. let’s check out these some commercial ads

Lust & Urge to regenerate instinct- Perfum ads

Loyality and Companionship – Pizza ad of dominos

Now what? How to save ourselves from such temptations, Stay Tuned for next episiode to deal with temptations

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