Dark Realities of Motivation

Dirty Truths of Motivation

What are dirty truth of motivational speakers? Blind Motivational Talk is harmful and risky. How seriously should we take motivational speakers ?

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It is quite common that after seeing a motivational video, you are only motivated for a brief amount of time. The influence of that motivation wears off quickly, and you feel as though you’ve returned to reality. Today we will discuss the dark secrets of motivating videos and speakers.

Why does motivation not work?

The fact is that Many Motivational Speakers and Videos simply tell what we like, not what we need actually. It is misleading and very risky. We should always keep in mind that Motivation is logical and suitable to our needs. One Size fits approach is very dangerous. We all are different, we all have different needs. Our Motivation doses need to be different.

Each of us is unique in terms of our upbringing, abilities, talents, vices, and virtues. Have you ever seen a doctor prescribe the same medication for several illnesses? However, if we look at what motivational speakers do, we can see how the same analogy applies.

They often provide a specific set of motivating concepts for a big group of unique people dealing with different issues. There is no universal key to success, but there are certain universally applicable concepts. Newton’s Law of Gravity is one such universally applicable principle. However, the difficulty arises when people fail to distinguish between the applicability of principles. Instead of providing any advantage to an individual, such content has an impact on their mental process and diverts their attention.

Dirty Truth of Motivational Speakers

Motivational speakers remain out of Context

Just search some motivational videos on YouTube, you will see videos of prominent motivational speakers at the top. However, as you go down the search results, you will find that many of the videos are just reproductions or clips of well-known videos. Many so-called motivating speakers utilize audio modulation and copy and paste similar ideas again and again.

Use of Brainwashing Techniques

, the things that are generally mentioned in motivating videos are not grounded in reality. These kinds of films exist just to increase dopamine levels in the audience’s brains and make them feel happy. And occasionally these methods include brainwashing the audience to fool them. Have you attended any multi-level marketing seminars? In such seminars, individuals are duped into believing in great riches and their products that are completely untrue.

They ignore individual capabilities

If you take a student from the tenth grade and put him in an ISRO conference where people are talking about space missions. No matter what word’s best motivational speakers motivate him. he would not understand even a single word about it. This is because the learner lacks the necessary abilities to grasp the information being taught. Simply Filling air like a ballon may excite you for a shorter period but As soon as you realize your abilities, You will again feel depressed.

Motivational Speakers generalise some ideas and myths

Many myths and fallacies are also spread through these motivational speakers. One of such ideas is that passion is the most essential thing in life. And They say that success is impossible without passion. However, this is not true; Even Many of us are aware of our life’s passion. Passion is an emotion that evolves with time, and what one is passionate about now may not be the same in a few years. We have covered this thing in this video – How to get success without motivation

If you ask a successful person about their success. It is not about passion alone in life, they will be focused on many other things like consistency, discipline & proper feedback.

Similarly, All motivational speakers give the most common advice. The advice of Never Quit is overhyped. It is falsely said that to attain one’s life objectives, one should never give up. However, it is impractical since one must know when to give up and what are their limits. Listen this episode to learn about this thing in detail – When to quit or Try harder

These motivational speakers claim that luck is meaningless and that hard work is all that matters, which is also incorrect. You can think it yourself, you are reading this post today among millions of others on the internet. It is either our luck or your luck that you have found this article. So, luck does play a factor too in a person’s success.

Thus, Be Logical about what you put into mind.

To know what pertains to us and what does not, we must think about everything reasonably and logically. And we don’t have to fit everything into the same mold, which may or may not work in a specific scenario. As a result, we must understand that one should not take everything at face value. We should use our reasoning before taking these motivational speakers seriously.

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