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Is Success without Passion possible?

All people say that Passion is a must for success. It is so deeply ingrained in our minds that Nobody can be successful without passion. What is its reality, Listen to this episode to GET SUCCESS WITHOUT PASSION

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Show Notes / Summary

Everyone hears about certain keys to success, but not all of them are true. There are several misconceptions regarding passion. One of those things is that success without passion is impossible. It is believed that if you are passionate about your work, you will not feel burdened by it. However, This is not entirely correct.

The biggest lie about passion

We are surrounded by so much passion-related information and guidance that we think it is impossible to succeed without it. Look at every motivational video or listen to any motivational speaker, and they will all tell you that pursuing your passion will lead to success.

However, everyone does not know about their passion, which is a problem because many people are waiting for that wonderful day when they will learn about passion. People appear to believe that God will conduct a revelation to tell them about their passion and that they would be successful in this certain career. That day, however, never comes. Even when a person develops their passion, it might be difficult to pursue it.

What is a Passion ?

We must first define what we understand by the term “passion.” If we understand this term, we can relate well. Passion is characterized as having an emotional relationship to a particular piece of work. It is a feeling, It is an emotional state.

How is Passion Mantra is destroying our lives ?

Sometimes It also happens is that you may have spent a lot of years doing one thing. Then we feel that our true passion is something different. Then the cycle of confusion and doubt starts. Individuals begin to have doubts that they will not be successful in whatever field they choose.

This is especially dangerous if you begin to be drawn to a specific area just because many successful individuals are doing it. You will be unable to pay attention in your present career as well.

Now, How to get success without passion?

To begin, we should discuss Milkha Singh, who had no passion or desire for running. Yet He was nevertheless able to achieve success without passion so much at both the national and global levels. It is because passion was gradually developed.

He employed a method in which he associated his emotional attachment to certain goods or things to his goals. He strongly believed that Goals could only be obtained if they performed well in running. Milk and Shining new coat are examples of such items.

Passion is an emotion that may vary throughout time, and It is in our hands to connect or detach from anything. Let’s take the example of friendships; if you don’t communicate with a friend for months, your connection to them will be repressed. If you communicate with someone regularly, your attachment to them will be at a different level.

Milkha Singh also got success about passion. He gradually learned a lot of things when he first started jogging. He, too, had numerous setbacks on his path to achievement. Similarly, when we try to start something, we experience difficulties at first, but after a while, we acquire a strong attachment to the task we are doing.

Now What to do next?

The issue with searching for passion is that people tend to waste a lot of time and ruin their present by being unproductive. They start believing that Success without passion is impossible. They begin to disregard any improvement to their job and continue to run in search of their passion.

You should strive to develop an attachment to your current work. Then you should start being consistent with it. A successful individual constantly strives to be consistent in their efforts. Passion alone is insufficient, and consistency is more vital.

So, in conclusion, if you have discovered your passion, you may create a strategy around it; but, if you have not discovered your passion, Then make an honest attempt to instill a connection to your current work.

You’re probably thinking that it’s not possible, that your job is uninteresting, and that you’re not growing attachment to it even after years of doing it. There are several strategies and tricks you may use to pique your interest in even the dullest subject. You can go into a stage of effortless flow and a sense of joy in any boring work. Here is another episode you should listen to – Effortless Flow

To know how can you can defeat smarter and talented people through consistency, you can watch the video here:

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